Sunday, March 15, 2009

Learning my way...

I just set up another blog at - I wish I knew if this was the "right" thing to do but it does seem to be what's next...
I more fully explain my rationale for this in an article on that blog but the short version is that most of what I'm doing or have done on this blog so far has been more intellectual (e.g. "understanding" and defining the principles) and I think I can contribute better by sharing my actual experience.
More will be revealed...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have been looking around some on the web and came across the site:
As someone who did my own process on dealing with anonymity on the web (article), I'm still wondering how and where deal with my anonymity.

I am not on the web to "hide out" - I am wholly visible in "face" AA. Lots of folks know me well (first name, last name, where I live, phone number, email address, etc.) but "branding" my AA anonymity by the above link seems to me to sort of mean that I get to be "special" in AA online.

And, that, in turn, seems to defeat some of the whole point of the anonymity that I have as the spiritual foundation of my recovery.

Monday, March 2, 2009

36 Principles Blog Site

This is a placeholder article on
I'm really not sure exactly what we're trying to do here and where we should be using directly and where we should be simply doing our own thing on a WordPress blog located at
While some of the social networking tools and capabilities of could be useful, I have opted to set up a web site with other links and capabilities as well.
If someone has some opinions and/or experience in this, please let me know (comment here, email, comment on the, etc.).
Happy destiny to all...