Monday, March 2, 2009

36 Principles Blog Site

This is a placeholder article on
I'm really not sure exactly what we're trying to do here and where we should be using directly and where we should be simply doing our own thing on a WordPress blog located at
While some of the social networking tools and capabilities of could be useful, I have opted to set up a web site with other links and capabilities as well.
If someone has some opinions and/or experience in this, please let me know (comment here, email, comment on the, etc.).
Happy destiny to all...


  1. Ed, welcome!

    I have a web address, but never got around to learning "how to". I've been blogging since July '08, finding myself in the "really wonderful" community of recovery folk (mosly AA) here. If I took on any more on-line activities, I'd probably wind up in divorce court! And I'm (almost) too old to go through all that again--for the FOURTH time!

    I see you found Mary Christine--one sober alcoholic--good for you, one of the best, my favorite! (Oooops! I'd better be careful--my wife oneprayergirl might, during that "cold day in hell" break my PC!
    I'll be Bach.
    Steve E.

  2. Steve:

    Thanx for commenting...

    My process was a little different. I am returning to the web as a side (primary?) business after another career for the past few years.

    I really don't have a dog in the fight as to the best technology for AA online discussions but opened because:
    1) I needed to learn something about current web technology
    2) I had an idea (too fragmented to call it a "vision") about a web-based discussion about a personal favorite AA topic
    3) it occurred to me that I could do "all the above" (dedicated site, blogger blog, online forum, facebook, etc.) and just support whatever seems most useful to the fellowship

    So, that's the plan for now - try a few things and see what sticks...

    As to wives, I find it simpler to call the current "the incumbent" since the last 2 have had the same name and who's to say 3 will ever be enough? Seems like I'm sort of stuck though in that this one is lasting 25+ years since she 13th stepped me ;-)).

    Love and aloha,

  3. Welcome Ed. I have had my blog since 2005, and I am still struggling with whether I should keep it!

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